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Did you know you can save up to 95% off retail buying from wholesale sources?

"Claim The 2015 Wholesale Merchandise Suppliers List That Sam's And Every Other Offline Giant Won't Ever Let You Know... As Claiming It Will Allow You To Compete With Fortune 500 Companies On The Internet!"

Don't waste more time with get-rich-quick promises and empty deals that leave you buying from middleman sources. If you're serious about buying wholesale, highly consider reading this quick 3-minute letter from me and my old time partner...


Amazing, if you are looking to save money, resell video games or find multiple console accessories, this guide is definitely for you. Not only does it list the top game wholesalers, but it also includes a ton of other valuable wholesale industry valuable information along with sources. I never knew how large retail margins were, until I saw John’s book. The distributor list section really enlightened me to know how much the average person overpays for video/audio related products.

Brian Krassenstein


From: John Roberts      
12:10 a.m

ould you like to instantly know who are the best distributors and merchandise wholesalers available today?

I think it would be suitable since you are probably tired and aggravated of all the online middleman scam sources and sites surprisingly saying anyone can easily make $1,000's in a month by just getting a wholesale source and pressing the red magic button!

Good lord, have you seen these get-rich-quick websites? In-a-nutshell... delusion of hot babes, the hot car and night time infomercials saying follow me and I'll save you. Lucid dreaming indeed.

Concerning wholesale and big advertised savings? Poorly outdated $0.99-$10.00 list of suppliers being offered on eBay, online paid advertisements and online with the purpose of getting your hopes aroused and stealing your hard earned money!

Isn't that insulting? Not only that, I still see sites telling you that you can make thousands of dollars a day, every week of every month without them showing you actual proof of any certain kind. Inconceivable!

Do these con artist selling you a pipe dream actually know you, to actually guarantee you can earn $1,000's by tomorrow offering products on the internet? Better yet, do these people know your willingness to keep getting answers?

Nop! In my sane experience, buying from these people online is worst then playing the lotto!

Most of these websites offering solutions right now can't offer you valid proof because, #1... they don't have any proof to substantiate expertise.  Numero 2, most of these websites earn there money by selling you...you guessed it...lucid dreams.

Hurrah for them, but not for your pocket. A more profound fact...

I passed through many of these fancy sites promising you "XY" wholesale riches. Close to 99.9% did not deliver. Why? No real distributors, no real what-to-do or know-how. Years pass and I am still little pissed at the thought, but of course. Times have changed!

For few of the smartest and most qualified people reading this message, this will be the most important and reliable truth you'll ever read online about buying wholesale.

I'm not going to hypnotize you and have you believe that earning $10,000 today by starting a wholesale business is instantly possible. Not my style.

But I will instead *Ethically* let you know the possibilities of offering wholesale products has on your savings and of course, future.

Just check financial proof that shows that I started doing the walk-to-talk with wholesale since 2005 and what 98% of those sites can't offer you- legally. I sure can... but before you read from additional previous customers and see some legit financial results... more facts!

Google.com, Yahoo.com & MSN.com Keep Placing Me In Their Top Search Engine Results For Wholesale Games, Wholesale Business, Wholesale List And Hundreds Of More Keywords 5 Years Later After Launching This Business...

Can you imagine what could be having your own Mini-Mall on top of the search engines, getting 1,000's of visitors...all without having to pay rent, employees or having to work for  low per hour wages  that lead no-where without opportunities?

How much $money$ do you think there is to be made with an online mini-mall?

Yes indeed, I'm talking about financial numbers. Instead of writing and promising you riches without knowing you, I can confidently say that the sky is the limit when you focus in the sell of wholesale tangible items in a sub-niche. At least, that is indeed my reality.

I capitalize on numerous markets, and so should you as we'll get to it shortly. But do NOT get me wrong! Working for someone else can still be great...but once you're well established online you should always work because you want to, not ever because you need to.

Let me give you a demonstration of why I feel that having a wholesale Mini-Mall on the Internet could be beneficial for you and your loved ones...

I believe you can feel EVEN happier about life. You can feel satisfied that you have your own company. Less fight in a marriage.

Perhaps you make your spouse outrageously joyful knowing that none of you guys need a monthly paycheck to survive.

You then have one of the ruthless, not so classy, zero tolerance options... you get to euphorically give the *finger* to anyone if it merits it.

But the one that's kind of funnier, your highly successful corporate neighbors can envy you when you pick the newspaper at 9:00am while many of them run late to work. But of course, don't become a hermit at the expense of money.

Strange, but honestly acceptable and achievable. No bragging intended whatsoever, but just going back in time and telling a little about my story. It will all depend on what you want and what's your income goal with an online store on the internet.

But Hey...

So Far I've Seen 'Nobody' With The Kind Of Numbers Offering Wholesale Facts!

I'm not saying that I am better than you or anyone. I know people that are far more intelligent than I am, far more, but still don't earn enough as they focus on work that almost always leave many unemployed or empty handed. And indeed, if its related to money...its about reality with me...its not about showing humble or sugar-coating the truth as you see.

Just wanted you to know the difference between doing the walk-the-talk with facts and then reminding you of the numerous sellers out there awaiting anxiously to scam you and get a quick buck by showing you illusions that are almost/surely never to happen. I got robbed before with crappy promises and quite honestly...

Falling victim of scam opportunities can happen to any new guy arriving to the net who's clueless on how wholesale runs. It all depends on who you listen my friend. Very simple!

Now, I am not a distributor myself, however. It's a fact that one of the greatest benefits that a real, working entrepreneurial wholesale distributor list is that the percentage to getting robbed in profits and middleman prices are virtually close to cero to be conservative.

Middleman prices could mean lost of valuable energy, time and money. Hateful for your savings and profits. Worst, you can go bankrupt if you don't take advice from the right people. Most of us need a hard dose of reality!

You need an Entrepreneurial Wholesale Distributor List that can give you sales, profits, savings and real legit trustworthy contacts that will make your business profits grow and home savings increase. Not the other way around.

With real tested wholesaler contacts you can make retail and middleman pricing vanish. One, acquire items wholesale or at clearance. Two, avoid middleman prices. Three, profit by being at the top of search engines like I've done for many years with most of online sites.

Facts are...the video games industry is indeed profitable and selling tangible items online works if you treat your shop as a business and not a hobby.

Just know where to buy and who to trust.

Reality Crusher: A Guru Isn't Someone Who Makes $5,000,000 Online and Keeps $100!

Mystic Guru's Leverage Time and Live Nicely from Assets... NOT from Rented Ferrari's ...

The Point: Not everyone online that flashes their luxury car keys is rich or is living the good life. Oh boy, that cost me around $7k in savings back in 2001. Live and learn right?

But no need to start from scratch with intelligent speculation about the future. Hire a successful expert in resale if selling merchandise is of your liking or consult with a profitable business owner that knows way more then you do. Simple math.

Heck, I'll buy 10 tips if I get only one profitable idea and can be working less in-speed!

Now...Explaining Some Hidden Wholesale Realities...

To start a discount store or retail store successfully online you need basic-to-advance business fundamentals. Then you need the product or services. Then as mentioned earlier, you rank on top of Google, Yahoo and MSN for most of your primary business keywords for many years.

This website is an excellent example. Google, Yahoo and MSN consistently keep me ranked on the top 10 search results for: wholesale video games, wholesale games, wholesale list, wholesale xbox 360 games, wholesale business, video games wholesaler, video games wholesale list and hundreds of other combined keywords and phrases that keep getting this website alone over 100,000 visitors each year.

Ideas? Imagine having many websites ranked the same? Learning all of means 100’s if not 1,000’s of those outdated CD's and reports that leave you hungry and waiting for more.

Of course, classic books like "The 48 Laws of Power" keep many sellers rich but leave you, the customer, hungry for more. Difference? I've no need to sell you the fish month-after-month. With my own network of websites, enough coaching clients and sufficient abilities to provide my own services in diverse markets...I don't need to screw-up my ethics.

Meaning... no longer needing to invest 8,760+ hours to compile, test and trust some of the distributors in order to turn a profit! Sure, you may find two or three contacts in directories freely, why not?

But one thing a power seller is clear about is that it would take more than a list of sources and more then basic marketing fundamentals to keep consistent profits in any industry online. You'll be in survival mode if you follow most of the business advice found freely online. In layman terms, if everyone sees the what and how, anyone can do it thus saturating effectiveness.

Plus, without discounting the headaches and 100's if not 1,000's of hours to go through all available directories for testing each wholesale source on your own, and without figure, just to see if they'll deliver and bring a profit. Good god!

Besides, why trade time for money with your business... time is money!

John, I just wanted to say that finding your site was a real blessing for me. I have been in this business for some time now, and I was making a good steady profit from it, but after seeing your list, which I have to say is the most complete and reliable source I have ever stumbled upon, my profit has increased by over 400 %. I just don't feel how I could thank you enough.

I wish all the best for you and your family!

Razvan Rovinaru


As the affiliate manager of a high demand product like 12-Month Millionaire our mailbox is loaded with inquiries about more information on many themes. Now we finally found the definitive wholesale sources for wholesale profits.

VideoGamesMystery.com is the only website we recommend to our customers and affiliates who ask about wholesales merchandise.

Francisco Moriones
Murcia, Spain


John, Thank You so much for all your help. It's a pleasure meeting someone that will go out of his way to answer all my questions quickly .

I enjoy doing business with you and plan on continuing working with you well into the future. 

John Karnish
Asbury Park, NJ
Author Of The Resell Marketing Course

Hey John,
As a China wholesale company, we wholesale products to WORLDWIDE as the lowest wholesale price in China. I can also certify and truly confirm that buying wholesale from your list of US distributors can also be life changing for ANY business!

Liang - President/CEO                                                          www.lightinthebox.com

With all the above reminded, discover what you can have to also help your own bottom-line starting in the very next minutes. (Since by now you obviously qualify...)


 Golden Insights You Will Get To Discover Shortly:

The 10 Top-Notch Electronic Wholesalers You Should Be in Business

Careful, it is not about quantity. Its about quality! The mentioned sources are eminent.

The best Sources for the Video Games Market ( My Favorites!)

None of the wholesaler suppliers should ever charge you a penny for opening accounts, these suppliers will not.

How to become  a covert research spy for competitive business purposes

You will get pampered with a step-by-step blueprint on how to perform research to start dominating your market. Be it by niche, sub-niche market or a micro niche...get this right!

What every e-shop owner should know about branding their store

Get access to my design sources, recommended programming sources, tools you need for traffic improvement and a selection of 'to do now' recommended list.

The little known mysteries of acquiring #1 search engine rankings

Pinpoint my tactics and you get a "Traffic River".  Work my strategy, then please move from the coast...possibility? You will get a traffic tsunami!

 Why almost everyone is wrong about finding wholesale sources

Directories are the average recommendations, but that's definitely not the place most financially successful small businesses look for sources. (It's not the yellow pages, far from it - but it's still free)

Beyond pattern recognition for competitor and market analysis

Get this wrong and 6 months will be flushed down the toilet. I explain the marketing steps anyone wanting to beat their competitors for many years without working IN the business.

$200 of FREE advertising in top search engines like Yahoo.com, Ask.com and the likes. (Bartering deals are fantastic and you benefit from them!)

Why start with your own money for advertising? You will have a free no-strings-attached $200 credit to be on top of search engine listings to test the waters. Pay-Per-Click marketing is good way to drive traffic, start without spending your own money!

 Warning: Do NOT Buy Any Wholesale Education Guide Unless It Meets These 4 Simple Criterias...


1) Don't buy from an author that can't prove what he offers or implies.

I surely already proved a lot with my financial statements. But then again, if you're an optimist like myself you'll want more. Here's a good distributor of DVD's and even video games not easily found around the internet: mountainviewmovies.com

Some wholesalers and distributors offer free shipping specials, so imagine a little.

2) Try not to fall prey to the private jets, the yachts, the online get rich quick-schemes all over the internet. Indeed, hype is good...but usually not for your wallet at the end of the day.

Painting a better picture. Ask a Ferrari guru online about racing you in your present car or perhaps, in a Chevy Nova. You'll win by running them in reverse. Why? By then they would have no car! Same by acquiring get rich quick so-called solutions.


Make sure to read everything you buy carefully, especially online.
 Isn't that supposed to be so obvious? Now see the easy cryptic question and ask yourself.

Why should someone tell the whole world about their sources and add affiliate programs to let others sell the info?

Answer, many live from information marketing. That's ok, but when they sell you a product that doesn't work 110%, we get mad! (Understandable)

Let's keep the order. My premium usually starts at $97.00 and goes from there up to $297.00. 

Some in the top 0.5% of the guru's go in the $2,500 price range in seminars. I do the same but online, a premium.

Please make sure to repeat this powerful words slowly
: "There are absolutely no secrets after getting my video games distributor package”

The ONLY difference between me and you is over 7+ years of online successful selling and a ton of workable and reliable experience with so called secret suppliers, nothing else. Period.

The 3 Specialized Wholesalers For Electronic Merchandise and Accessories

The software scripts I recommend for your own web shop

The supplier that sells BARGAIN accessories so you get liquidity fast

600 wholesale products in one-place to start your  store (Not mine, but an option)

Professionally contact every wholesaler, distributor and supplier. Just follow me.

When, where, how to outsource (Incredibly boring if you do it the wrong way!)

A simple technique to boost your local video store and online shop profits

Easy cures for ranking your websites on top of the search engines year after year

The terminologies of frequently used words with discount liquidation centers

How to make sure you're not overpaying for technical work (applies everywhere)

Answers to your top start-up wholesale business terminologies - all defined

An unconventional time management exercise I customize for myself (it works only if you work it!)

The easy 1-step master plan you can follow to gain maximum market share

Who are great domestic (USA) distributors and the reasons you should work them

The correct way to profit from eBay and from your own e-commerce shop

The distributor that sales sealed PS3 & Xbox 360 Games Below $11.95!

Good thing is: there is is no need for seminars enrollments, private clubs or stand TSA demands because your skin looks similar to the ones of Osama. Good lord! Even less, getting into a $1,500+ round trip flight, eating $12 burgers and paying extravagant seminar fees is a thing of the past!
In good layman terms, you'll get the privileged opportunity to find out what works in a    silver-platter, so you can get to work immediately. Oh yes, I can't say I'd eliminate all your worries. I mean, seriously...do you've kids?


WAIT...Of Course There Is More!

If you decide to claim your *Entrepreneurial Wholesale Distributor List* in the next minutes, you are guaranteed to receive the Top 20 Distributors along with the confidential 3 'Specialized' Wholesalers for video games and all the available bonuses that could boost your online profits.

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Here's what else you'll learn in this report...

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Thousands of marketers really are making substantial incomes from Google Adsense alone. In this special report, you'll discover...

An inside look into how Google chooses the ads placed on your website (crucial to the moneymaking process).

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-The secret to using RSS feeds and Blogs to maximize your Adsense dollars. And much more...

Sales for $49.95... yours FREE!



This is truly an excellent resource. Once you get to the download page there is one simple file that contains everything you need. It even shows you when it was last updated to ensure you have the current list and let's you know if it is outdated! Not only do you get an example on how to properly contact the wholesalers for a price list, but also how to setup your own business and get a tax id to improve credibility. A very impressive package for anyone expecting to profit from wholesale and save big time. Thank you John!

Jon Harrison
Grand Rapids, MI



Start Your Very Own Internet Store In The Next Seconds WITHOUT Depending On Someone Else!

Getting The Know-How is Just The First Step...

YES John! I Want To Increase Both My Profits Online And Get This Limited  Time 75% Discount Offer Including The Web Hosting Bonus For My Own Store Savings!

Because I am ordering in the next seconds I will get the Entrepreneurial Wholesale Distributor List course with all current bonuses. I understand I've  guarantee and eligible to receive all available bonuses described in today's offer.

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Regularly priced $97.00 


As a reseller you're a nonstarter without good product sources. I wasted a lot of time searching the Internet and only coming up with bogus wholesalers. Most of the people making good money don't want to reveal their sources and I can't blame them.

But I can tell you that John's list is the real deal. As a UK-based business I now have access to the big US market through quality drop shippers. Just one of these can make all the difference to your business.

David O’Hara
Worldsource Ltd. (UK)


From now on John I am going to call you Sherlock Holmes. You solved one for me and all I can say is "Thank You!”.

This will really help my eBay endeavors and I may even look into opening a store here at home. You have helped me save money because I only knew about 6 wholesale game companies. Great idea on your behalf and investment on mine.

Rod Smith
Straight-Line Marketing Inc.



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